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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Steve’s ROI is better in OK.

“Anytime we relocate those positions to Oklahoma, we return more to the bottom line and can actually lower the cost to our customer …”

Steve Hendrickson describes the advantages Boeing enjoys in Oklahoma.

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A Nationally Acclaimed Business Environment


Oklahoma is Leading the Way in the Expansive Southern Economy

Second in Business & Development for Southern States

Oklahoma’s Economy Outperformed 43 Other States.

Seventh in the Nation for Economic Performance

Learn more about Oklahoma’s advantages, employers who call Oklahoma home, incentives or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

If Your Oil and Gas Company Isn’t in Oklahoma, You’re Missing Out.

Best place in the world to do business in oil and gas

Learn more about the Oklahoma oil and natural gas industry, cost of doing business, international relocation assistance or the Fraser Institute Petroleum Survey.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – Oklahoma Saves You Money.

We earned the top ranking from CNBC in cost of doing business and a third-place finish in cost of living. Pair this with our #9 ranking in cost of labor from Business Facilities Rankings Report, and you have the formula for a successful, low-cost business location – and a more luxurious personal lifestyle.

Oklahoma and CEOs are in a State of Trust.

In a national survey of CEOs conducted by, Oklahoma ranked in the top 20 Best States to Do Business With.

Oklahoma Also Achieved Excellent Rankings in Specific Categories:

#13 in Regulatory Environment

- Forbes, The Best States for Business and Careers

#2 in Industrial Electricity Rates

- Business Facilities Rankings Report

#11 in Property Tax

- Tax Foundation

#12 in Corporate Tax

- Tax Foundation

#3 in Unemployment Insurance Tax

- Tax Foundation

#4 Quality of Child Care Centers

- Child Care Aware of America