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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Our govt. is pro-business.

“We work with business. We try to support businesses. We have a legislature and a governor that are very pro-business.”

Mike Neal explains how Oklahoma helps businesses relocate, expand, invest and hire.

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Pro-Business Environment


The Oklahoma environment is pro-business.

Oklahoma is ranked fourth in the nation for best economic climate.

Learn more about Oklahoma’s employers, our infrastructure and our standing in the Forbes Best States for Business and Careers rankings.

Oklahoma is globally recognized as a business incentives leader.

Oklahoma offers businesses an advantage through a multitude of incentive programs. Businesses can choose from cash incentives or a tax credit package, and in some cases, qualifying businesses can take advantage of both. Offered incentives include:

Quality Jobs Program

Small Employer Quality Jobs Programs

21st Century Quality Jobs Program

Investment/New Jobs Tax Credit Package

Economic Development Pooled Financing

Aerospace Engineer Workforce Tax Credit

American Indian Lands Tax Credit

Learn how programs and incentives make Oklahoma friendly for your business.

Oklahoma has a highly skilled, diverse workforce. We’re early risers and the last to leave when it comes to getting a job done. Whatever the job, we have the talent to help businesses succeed. Oklahoma workers have earned a national reputation for an extraordinary level of proficiency, productivity and reliability. They contribute their skills, experience and dedication to the success of a wide variety of technologically advanced industries.


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