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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Gov. Fallin is pro-business.

“We work very, very hard to be very customer-focused, and we consider our employers – our businesses – to be the customers of our state.”

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Why move your business to Oklahoma?

The State of Many Advantages

In Oklahoma, your ROI is much greater thanks to some of the lowest costs of doing business in the country.

Oklahoma is ranked #1 in lowest cost of doing business.

Learn more about Oklahoma’s low cost of living, business incentives, pro-business environment, other advantages or CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business.

CNBC calls Oklahoma one of the best states for doing business.

Oklahoma has the third-lowest cost of living in America.

Learn more about Oklahoma real estateaverage retail prices and utilitiesrankings, or CNBC America’s Top States for Business.

The Oklahoma environment is pro-business.

Oklahoma is fourth in the nation for best economic climate.

Learn more about Oklahoma’s pro-business environment, Oklahoma’s employers, infrastructure or the Forbes Best States for Business and Careers rankings.


We are America’s hub.

By water: Three inland ports supply 20 states. By air: Oklahoma has 137 public-use airports, 43 of them jet capable. By rail: 3,850 miles of rail ship 226 million tons per year. By road: 12,000 miles of highway move 500 million tons per year.

Learn more about Oklahoma’s infrastructure, incentives, and transportation and distribution industry.

Oklahoma Economic Development Guide

State of Success 2014-2015 | Vol 1 Issue 2

The faces of the unmanned aerial systems industry say the sky’s the limit in Oklahoma.

Here in Oklahoma, we think you should get to keep and wisely reinvest as much of what your enterprise produces as possible.


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